"Visually capturing that which cannot be observed, the transient soul."
Human Dimension combines a myriad of exposures, resulting in static objects darkened nearly black, and thus emphasising the fleeting aspects of a scene. In this new experimental work, humans, the innately changing element in our environment, are depicted as beacons of light, life where inert entities reside.
Going to Work

Walking or cycling is part of the daily commute to work for many. Over time it is like a river flowing across the pathways.

Hosier Lane

One of the famous Melbourne lanes, Hosier Lane attracts locals and tourist to photograph, be photographed or just admire the street art.

The Magic Portal

The NGV's water window is a mesmerising place especially for the young, who are attracted to it as if it were a magic portal.

Just Walking

Walking with friends on a Saturday is special, we are engulfed in conversation and the world around us crumbles.

The Procession

Going for a walk on the wooden path of St. Kilda Beach on a sunny day, even if it is cold during the winter, is a pleasant experience. The accumulated flow of people through time resembles a procession.

Footy Fans

Kids, youngsters, adults; everybody is excited about the game they are going to see. The image captures the inflow of people going up and into the Marvel Stadium as thousands of fans gather to support their favorite teams. 

Going to the Expo

Going to or coming from the Melbourne Expo & Convention Centre, with a few observant birds. Simply part of the weekend routine.

Stay Fit

Jogging or riding, fleeting but fulfilling, both ideal ways to stay fit, both ideal ways to shut away the world around us.

Shared Path

Walking, cycling or on a stroller, all stages of life share the path in harmony.

Up, Down the Stairs

Going up or down the stairs, to and fro the Yarra River walkaway, a busy location every day.

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